Reporting and Issues Management

The greater the significance of sustainability issues for the alignment of the Group’s strategy, the more important it becomes to assess, manage and report on these issues. Internal and external sustainability reporting plays an important role in the Group’s strategic development – because it facilitates coordination by creating internal transparency and pooling issues across the Company. In our relationships with various external stakeholder groups, sustainability reports create a basis for dialog, communication and trust. They also comply with policymakers’ growing demands for transparency.

Sustainability Management in the Volkswagen Group

Grafik: Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement im Volkswagen Konzern

The Audi, MAN, Porsche, Scania and ŠKODA brands prepare their own sustainability reports following the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Other Group companies provide target group-driven information on sustainability issues. We have made further progress in developing a suitable Group policy on sustainability reporting. It regulates the form and standard of reporting for the Group Sustainability Report, the brands’ sustainability reports and other forms of sustainability reporting, as well as the relevant organizational structures, data provision requirements, and respective responsibilities of the Group, brands, companies and locations.