The Volkswagen Sustainability Magazine 2016

How can a company that has so flagrantly broken its promise to society talk about sustainability again without fear of derision and ridicule? That was the question. This magazine, which complements our traditional Sustainability Report, is an initial answer.

"Shift. The Volkswagen Sustainability Magazine" has a sound of permanence about it. This is intentional. Shift isn’t a flash in the pan; it’s the expression of an attitude that will continue to shape our dialogue in the future. We are self-critical and argumentative – and we mean to remain so.

On that note: let us hear your opinion at shift(at)




06 A year marked by crisis (PDF)
The Volkswagen Group faces its greatest test ever.
09 Motor of change (PDF)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer calls on the company to make the crisis a lever for change.
11 Lobbyism and sustainability: Two sides of the same coin (PDF)
An analysis by Dr. Thomas Steg.
12 What others are saying (PDF)
Disappointed partners demand transparency and a new start.
15 Uncovering the truth or just tactics? (PDF)
The Communications division explains why they speak the way they do.
16 Unsparing scrutiny (PDF)
Necessary remarks on an ongoing investigation.
17 Tough, but fair (PDF)
Dr. Fransico J. Garcia Sanz looks back at negotiations that were both strenuous and instructive.
18 Descent and delisting: Volkswagen falls hard (PDF)
Autumn 2015 dealt VW a severe blow - and not just to the Group's share price.
19 You can't demand trust (PDF)
From Jürgen Gietl, well-intentioned advice for a battered company.
20 "I knew this job wouldn't be a walk in the park." (PDF)
Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt fields critical questions from Shift.
22 A new, better Volkswagen Group (PDF)
The TOGETHER strategy marks out the course for change.
23 Making way for good ideas (PDF)
Dr. Karlheinz Blessing appeals for less hierarchy and more courage.
24 Sustainability – getting it right this time (PDF)
Nine bright minds show Volkswagen the way to the future.
26 Electric, connected, shared – the future of mobility (PDF)
Matthias Müller says where the journey will take us, and what Volkswagen can expect.


28 The car of the future is not a car (PDF)
In its Future Centers, Volkswagen is working on new mobility concepts.
34 Drive me home, Jack! (PDF)
Intelligent vehicles should make mobility safer and more comfortable.
36 Fully connected, but transparent and vulnerable to attack? (PDF)
Andrea Vosshoff and Markus Beckedahl expect data protection and security.
38 What comes out the back is all that matters (PDF)
Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn and Dr. Axel Friedrich in a Shift debate.
42 Climate killer or driver of progress? (PDF)
Dr. Thomas Sedran and Dietmar Oeliger, for and against the SUV.
44 Room to move in the digital workplace (PDF)
New technologies and agile methodologies are changing the company.
50 Focus on human rights (PDF)
What Volkswagen can contribute: a look at abroad field of action.
52 Long march to sustainability (PDF)
In China, citizens and government are embarking on a new way of thinking.
53 Facts, figures, and data (PDF)
From the Sustainability Report 2015.