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Photo: VW Golf
VW Golf (modified for the American market)

Volkswagen Group of America (VWGoA) is unified by a vision to work for the greater good, help improve our communities and help address the sustainability challenges of the future. We take being a good corporate citizen very seriously, and pledge to do everything we can to invest in and give back to the community. We are proud to be a good neighbor and a good partner in the communities we serve, and plan to be for years to come.

2015 Highlights

“E-mobility in progress: $10 million investment to optimize electric vehicle infrastructure.”

Xang Mimi Ho Xang Mimi Ho The Caged Bird Sings, 2011 The Butterfly That Lives a Day, 2011 Between Dream and Reality, 2011 Photographs (20 in x 20 in) Sarah Langsam Twin Faces, 2015 Wood, barrel board, rigid insulation, construction adhesive (47 in x 47 in x 10 in)

Providing Opportunities through Art: Supporting Artists with Disabilities

Volkswagen Group of America has worked with VSA, the international organization on arts and disability founded in 1974 by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, since 2001. Now part of the John F. Kennedy Center’s Department of VSA and Accessibility, VSA’s goal is to create a society where all people with disabilities learn through, participate in and enjoy the arts. During the ongoing 14-year sponsorship, Volkswagen has provided more than $1 million (approximately €900,000) in funding to support accomplished young artists with disabilities aged between 16 and 24 years, underscoring our own commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In 2015, representatives of VSA joined Volkswagen colleagues at VW USA’s Herndon, Virginia headquarters to celebrate the VSA Emerging Young Artist Program Retrospective Exhibition, entitled “Focus Forward”. This VSA exhibit was particularly unique, as it honored the 25/40 Celebration – organized in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and VSA’s 40th anniversary – by showcasing the artwork of past VSA Emerging Young Artist winners who are continuing to grow as visual artists.

VW Toureg Hybrid (modified for the American market)

Preserving the National Mall national park in Washington, D.C.

The National Mall was established nearly 100 years ago. Today, it is America’s most visited national park, but it was not originally designed to accommodate the approximately 24 million visitors it receives each year. Volkswagen Group of America has pledged a $10 million (approximately €9 million) donation over five years to The Trust for the National Mall, to fund initiatives that improve the visitor experience and help protect the Mall’s historic landmarks. To support this commitment, in 2014 and 2015 Volkswagen employees volunteered approximately 500 hours to help clean up the National Mall following the annual July 4th Independence Day celebration.

Other Projects

Alternative Transportation: Encouraging Employees to Bike to Work

In 2015, Volkswagen Group of America teamed up with People for Bikes and its National Bike Challenge to encourage VWGoA employees to bike to work more frequently. To support this initiative, Tim Johnson, Volkswagen Brand Ambassador and former professional cyclist, met with employees to discuss biking safety and led an employee bike ride around the Herndon, Virginia headquarters. Employees were also encouraged to bring in their old, unused bicycles to donate to Bikes for the World, an organization that collects used bikes and donates them to underserved people around the world.

Promoting Women and Diversity: Supporting Talent through Mentorships

With our signature program, we are providing talented female members of Volkswagen Group of America’s staff and people from ethnic minorities with mentors from the management division. The program will help ensure that groups of employees who have been historically underrepresented in management positions are provided with opportunities to connect with and learn from senior executives. This program aims to enhance and develop the business skills of mentees, as well as provide information on career development and access to new opportunities.

Sustainable Mobility in the United States: Supporting E-mobility

In 2014, Volkswagen of America (VWoA) introduced the all-electric 2015 e-Golf to the US market. The e-Golf was the most efficient car in its class for the 2015 model year, with an estimated range of 83 miles on a single charge and a fuel economy rating of 116 combined miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent (MPGe), according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. As part of its holistic approach to sustainable mobility, Volkswagen has invested in carbon reduction projects intended to help offset estimated greenhouse gas emissions from the e-Golf’s production, distribution and other estimated emissions for up to the first 36,000 miles of driving.

Furthermore, VWoA announced that by 2016, the company will invest approximately $10 million in charging station infrastructure to support the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States. One part of this investment has been made in an initiative with another automaker and ChargePoint®, a company specializing in charging stations, aiming to help increase the number of public fast-charging locations across the country. This initiative is working to make it more convenient to own and recharge electric vehicles, and give consumers the confidence of knowing they can drive their EVs without range anxiety.



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