Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group Russia is committed to giving back to the local community through social welfare projects which tackle acute problems. Good corporate citizenship is a natural and essential part of the company’s role in a large country like Russia.

Photo: Kids in front of the childrens hospital St.Petersburg
Photo: Toys for the hospital

2015 Highlights

“We have been able to assist around 300 families using the two VW Multivans we made available to the children’s hospital in St. Petersburg.”

Talent Acquisition in Joint Venture with Automotive Transport College

In 2015, the Volkswagen Group Russia Academy set up a pilot project together with the Automotive Transport College in Moscow. During their studies and as part of their syllabus, the most talented students work as apprentices in the workshops of Volkswagen Group Russia dealers. This project also aims to tie young people into the Volkswagen Group at an early stage.

VW Polo sedan (not available in Europe)

Dual Vocational Education and Training (VET)

In 2010, Volkswagen Group Rus (VGR) and the College for Information Technology and Administration in the city of Kaluga, 170 kilometers from Moscow, launched a dual vocational education program which was unique at that time in Russia. Designed by Volkswagen experts, it is modelled on German programs that combine classroom education with practical vocational training and aims to prepare skilled professionals for work in the company. Before this program was established, there was no comparable VET concept of this kind in the country. The Group also cooperates with the Kaluga branch of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University by offering students internships at the plant and organizing lectures by company representatives at the higher education institution. Since the program was launched, 244 graduates have successfully completed their training in seven different specialist or professional fields and been awarded their certificates of qualification. New professions and qualifications are gradually being added to the program, further expanding educational cooperation. VGR has actively participated in the development of national professional standards and maintains an ongoing dialog on educational topics with the Federal Institute for the Development of Education, as well as the Deutsche Auslandshandelskammer (AHK).

Road Safety for Schoolchildren

At the start of each school year, from August to September, ŠKODA joins forces with its dealers in Russia to run ŠKODA Krokha, a nationwide road-safety project for children aged 7 to 10 years. The initiative includes information events presented in entertaining ways, plus an additional online element to teach children about the Highway Code and safe road behavior.

Other Projects

Fit for Work on the International Stage

Volkswagen Group Rus is involved in the MOST project in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, 400 kilometers (250 miles) from Moscow. The project is aimed at selected students seeking an international career and offers them educational and professional support over a 12-month period. The company initiated MOST in cooperation with regional universities, and supports the project by organizing lectures by company managers, factory visits and work placements.

Support for Charitable Institutions

Volkswagen Group Rus supports a number of institutions and organizations committed to social welfare. One example is the Malteser Foundation in Moscow, which receives financial support as well as assistance with the maintenance of its VW vehicles. The Foundation’s social center provides elderly Muscovites, people with disabilities, single parents and members of other socially disadvantaged groups with food and other necessities of everyday life, as well as access to educational and cultural programs.

Since 2010, VW Commercial Vehicles has been supporting the children’s hospice in St. Petersburg. The hospice has been provided with two VW Multivans for medical and other trips. In the reporting period, around 300 families made use of the assistance provided by doctors, nurses and psychologists.

Sport and Music for a Good Cause

In 2015 VW Commercial Vehicles supported two sporting events organized by charities in Russia. The first was “Art-Football”, the international football and music festival in Moscow. The festival supports the “Under the Flag of Kindness” campaign and raises money for seriously ill children. Well-known actors and musicians joined the 16 participating teams. The second project was aimed specifically at children who previously suffered from cancer but have now overcome the disease. Around 500 children from 15 countries came together to compete against one another in various sports in the International Children’s Games of Winners. The sporting event was initiated by the Gift of Life Foundation.